The Story Of Icarus

The story of Icarus is a much puzzled out, referenced, and popular theme. It’s also been misinterpreted, and misquoted sever hundred times, throughout modern culture. The Greek myth has also been told more realistically, several times, in order to somehow make the story seem more practical, and less of a moral human treatise, usually by […]

Icarus: The Moral of the Story

Later on, many Greek philosophers sought to make the story of Icarus a bit more realistic, in order to remove the heavy metaphorical meaning to the story that seems laden with caution. They still needed a story behind the naming of the Icarian Sea, and the island Icaria nearby, however. So the story became more […]

Icarus: Daedalus

Daedalus actually means “cunning worker”. He had served King Minos well in the past, before his exile. The story of why Daedalus actually came to Crete was transformed after Homer had told the original tale; later writers claimed that Daedalus had escaped to Crete after murdering his nephew. According to them, Daedalus was flawed by […]

Icarus: According to Ovid

Ovid’s full name was “Publius Ovidius Naso”, and he was and perhaps still is one of the most often imitated, and admired poets of the Roman era. He composed many works in his time, and was counted among the top minds, such as Virgil, and Horace. However, unlike his colleagues, Ovid was more romantic; his […]

Icarus References In Popular Culture

The story of Icarus is referenced in numerous artistic outlets, both modern and antique. Icarus inspired poets, musicians, and philosophers, including Ovid, Virgil, Horace, but later on, also many musicians and writers. Music: Faith No More – Just A Man Queen – The Freddie Mercury Tribute Song, No-One But You Thrice – Melting Point of […]

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